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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Fri Dec 15 21:07:25 CST 2000


: From: McCreath_David
: Yikes! This is happening on the *live* site?
: Cheezisrice! I thought it was just on the test
: site!
: Okay. I just checked in NN 4.08 on the Mac,
: and the live site is doing the same thing;
: navbar and content lined up on the home,
: but separated on the article page.
: Jeff, do the other pages appear to be okay for
: you (submit, join, contact)?

i didn't check *all* the pages on the site, but what i did check i found
that the only one that was suspect was the article page.

however, fwiw, the section below the tab on the article page is actually
doing what it's supposed to (be centered in the window) whereas the tab is
shifted to the right (as is the entire block of stuff on all the rest of the
pages causing all those annoying horizontal scrollbars).

just a note, but aardvark's code for the front page and the article page
both display this behavior of the tab and the content section being shifted
and forcing a scrollbar.


whereas the center page displays the behavior we're seeing where the content
section is displaying properly but the tab is not


in fact, that's the *only* normal layout page where the content area does
what it's suppose to.

hope this helps,


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