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Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Fri Dec 15 21:40:09 CST 2000

At 18:43 15/12/2000 -0900, you wrote:

>I think it's similar to what happened with the sidebar text earlier. 
>Navigator tried to correctly interperet the css margins on the navbar and 
>failed because the css interpereter in Navigator isn't compliant. By the 
>time Navigator got to
>the content table, it gave up on applying styles and just gave us a
>centered, 98% width table.

if that's true, then perhaps a half-solution to this problem is to put 
something in even earlier to "break" netscape so that it gives us a 
centered 98% width table for the navbar too.  the whole thing would line up 
then, but still have horizontal scrollbars.  ugly solution code-wise too.


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