[thesite] IE errors

djc djc at five2one.org
Sat Dec 16 01:19:40 CST 2000

Ok, I've been racking my brain and boning up on rfc's all night.. theres a
couple things I've got that I'll try in the morn to fix this.

it appears that anyone with IE friendly error messages enabled is puking
on our
site right now. since we run our URL schem through a 404 template, the
server sends a 404 code to the browser which is what it should do. the 404
document that we hve passes info on to the templates and a page is shown.

however, because a 404 is returned(whether or not the document is
*appears* to be found, which it does), IE with friendly error messages
enabled chooses *not* to show the content of the ugly 404 message(because
god forbid grandma wilson in alaska thinks the Internet is yelling at
her) - which oh ya, by the way just happen to be our content - and
replace it with the
default IE error message.

So thats the deal. 

What I'm going to try to do tomorrow is hack apache a bit and see if
there's any workaround for this(without totally fucking up HTTP
protocols) Otherwise, its a bitch of a workaround for a signifigant
portion of people(still holding on to that 15% of the market don't matter
from our MS vs Netscape debate a week ago?? ;)

More to come soon..


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