it's alive! (was: RE: [thesite] the only solution?)

McCreath_David McCreath_David at
Fri Dec 15 22:45:45 CST 2000

Okay, per my earlier email and with the provisional blessing of at least one
other adminion (see below), I altered isaac.css and put it on the new site.
Please see my notes interspersed below.

>From: aardvark
>> From: mccreath
>> If I can get a consensus on the margin thing, I'll plug the following
>> changes back into the stylesheet on the live site and call it an evening:
>> 1) default text size up to 12px
>> 2) remove the margin atts on body
>> 3) underline the links, with the exception of the headlines, which will
>> a new class (I prefer Elfur's suggestion of underlining ONLY inline
>> but I don't have time to figure that out right now)
>+1... although make sure jeff is cool on the new title class you are 
>going to use... i'd still like to see those titles in a 
><strong> tag, so 
>don't ditch that, either...

The <strong> is still there, the 'title' attribute has been applied to the
<a>. Cool?

>> 4) sidebar text size up to 11px

This is going to need some work for Netscape to behave properly. Elfur got
the whole sidebar to at least show up in the correct font and colors by
putting the whole thing in one table with a class of 'side', but it looks to
me like the size is still wrong. I think we're going to have to go into the
dsp_* files that actually build the sidebar and apply the styles in there.

I gotta take tomorrow off to get final shopping and trip planning done. So I
leave you with these thoughts:

I haven't gotten very far with, so if somebody wants to work
on making that look e2-ish with a reddish scheme instead of greenish, talk
to Dan. The files that I *did* work on are in the root and called
'index_dave.cfm' and 'listinfo_dave.html', if you want to look at what
exists. The stylesheet driving those two pages is 'davelists.css' and
reflects 'isaac.css' from yesterday (other than the colors), so should
probably be ditched.

Thank you and good night.


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