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Resort Sports Network.

Repetitive Stress Nabob.

Really Sore kNee

Really Sleepy Now?

Ah! Real Soon Now :)


<tip type="don't make me think">
I just ordered this book from Amazon. It's a wee bit expensive, and 
the author adore's Amazon's usability (don't know if that's good or 
now ;)) but I'm enjoying the read.

>>  thought i was going to bed... maybe RSN...
>what's RSN? maybe it's why I'm not asleep either.
>>  anyway, uploaded heaven.css and hell.css to test.evolt.org... they
>>  one question, though... who inserted the 'error' class?  it wasn't
>>  mine, and judging by the indenting style, dave didn't insert it,
>yeah, I was wondering about that, too. i don't recall seeing it in any of
>the files that I worked on.
>okay, now goodnight.
>and new & improved kentucky fried old archives:

Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes what is excellent in others
belong to us as well. -Voltaire, philosopher, historian, satirist,
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