new site changes (was: RE: [thesite] some constructive criticism)

rudy r937 at
Sat Dec 16 15:35:20 CST 2000

>>btw, I really don't like the word topic,

yeah, me neither, topic is worse than centre

>If anyone can think of another label which doesn't change
>depending on whether you have US spelling or not, then please
>feel free to suggest it.

may i humbly suggest "category"

~ each article is in a primary category
~ evolt's site is divided into multiple categories
~ we are thinking of adding a business category
~ you cannot yet add keywords to articles in any category
~ the suggestions category does not show on the home page
~ select a category from the dropdown menu

and so on

the fact that it is implemented in a database table called CATEGORY has
nothing to do with it, eh

the rudester

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