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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Sun Dec 17 02:54:10 CST 2000


: From: Oliver Lineham
: yes, i see that. i'm still trying to work out what's
: making IE decide between rendering the <p> or
: displaying it as a tag for editing.

the problem isn't occurring with the edit page - that's what i'm trying to
tell you.

some days ago (before we even went live) i had to remove the
ParagraphFormat() from around the output of the content because it was
causing some mega-css problems i discovered.  on top of that since we're
replacing <pre></pre> blocks with textarea tags we *really* can't use the
ParagraphFormat() function.

i think the problem you're talking about, specifically with steve's article
that you mentioned, is that we're no longer wrapping our articles with the
ParagraphFormat() function.  that means that all those articles that we let
slide through admin without <p> tags are no going to run together as one big

: i never suggested we should be removing carriage returns.

that's one of the things that HTMLEditFormat() does though, which is why
we're not using it.

: you clearly don't believe me that this is a problem.

no, i believe it's a problem - just not where you think it is.

the problem is that we've relied on ParagraphFormat() for so long without
ever realizing what problems it caused.  now the answer is to fix all those
articles that slipped through editing without <p> tags around each

: don't try telling me that's how it is supposed to look.

it is if you don't wrap paragraphs with <p> tags.  ;p


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