[thesite] Body edit textarea - not always escaping chars

Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Sun Dec 17 03:08:17 CST 2000

At 18:45 17/12/2000 +1030, you wrote:

> > don't even get me started on using ParagraphFormat() when displaying the
> > content.
>/me suddenly starts feeling a bit stupid for using paragraphformat() and
>htmleditformat() extensively...

paragraphformat() is stupid, but htmleditformat() is not.

consider the context of tags nested within a textarea.  the purpose of a 
block-level tag is to describe its contents, and allow appropriate 
formatting to be applied.  for example, a blockquote says "my contents are 
a quote, so display it like quotes should be displayed".  inside a 
textarea, that doesn't make sense - its contents are indeed a quote, but it 
is not intended to be displayed as one. rather, we want to see the actual 
tag text.

let me say again, htmleditformat() is your friend. and here's another 
reason why:


and don't try to tell me tag-filtering is a solution to that one. filtering 
out tags is a separate issue.


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