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Sun Dec 17 04:24:04 CST 2000


: From: Oliver Lineham
: paragraphformat() is stupid, but htmleditformat()
: is not.

we already know i don't agree with you about that, but i'll listen to you
argument anyway.

: consider the context of tags nested within a textarea.
: the purpose of a block-level tag is to describe its
: contents, and allow appropriate formatting to be
: applied.  for example, a blockquote says "my contents
: are a quote, so display it like quotes should be displayed".
: inside a textarea, that doesn't make sense - its contents
: are indeed a quote, but it is not intended to be displayed as
: one. rather, we want to see the actual tag text.

and in all instances, except html character entities, a textarea displays
everything *exactly* as it gets it.  that means the only thing you have to
fix is the html character entities so they'll display as html character
entities and not the character they represent.

: let me say again, htmleditformat() is your friend. and
: here's another reason why:
: http://www.evolt.org/article/evolt.org?action=edit&tid=1&aid=4273

i didn't see what you were referring to because i deleted the article before
reading this email, but i'm guessing it had something to do with a closing
textarea tag.  with that example i see your point about HTMLEditFormat().  i
have just made it a point of not using it in the past because it had a nasty
habit of stripping carriage returns (learned this the hard way).  guess i
just like to know exactly what is happening to the data i'm working with.

: and don't try to tell me tag-filtering is a solution to
: that one. filtering out tags is a separate issue.

actually, we're in agreement on this cause tag filtering *is* a whole
separate issue.

at any rate, tags in textareas will no longer cause problems and i'm not
using HTMLEditFormat() to do it so no worries of text going into a black box
and not coming out what we expect it to look like.



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