[thesite] Body edit textarea - not always escaping chars

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 17 03:11:32 CST 2000

> From: "jeff" <jeff at lists.evolt.org>
> i think the problem you're talking about, specifically with steve's article
> that you mentioned, is that we're no longer wrapping our articles with the
> ParagraphFormat() function.  that means that all those articles that we let
> slide through admin without <p> tags are no going to run together as one big
> block.
> the problem is that we've relied on ParagraphFormat() for so long without
> ever realizing what problems it caused.  now the answer is to fix all those
> articles that slipped through editing without <p> tags around each
> paragraph.

i think it's a problem, alright, but maybe not the way you think...

all the admins have gotten quite used to editing articles without any 
<p> tags... in fact, we've all seen it add <p> at the end of 
paragraphs (provided there are two cr/lfs)... obviously removing that 
feature is preferrable since not only is it invalid, but it made 
inserting carriage returns into code and other things quite 

so instead we need to remember to add the <p></p> tags in now 
(which means opening and closing them properly), since that is not 
automatically done... i don't think i ever saw a heads-up on that, 
but i guess this is it...

what is odd, though, is why articles submitted before the 
conversion should have had the <p> tags stripped... granted, i 
didn't read 
org (his stuff's always hard to digest), so i don't know if it was that 
way to begin with... and i can't check my own as a point of 
reference because i completely rebuilt the HTML...  so, was it 

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