[thesite] Body edit textarea - not always escaping chars

Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Sun Dec 17 04:02:35 CST 2000

At 00:55 17/12/2000 -0800, you wrote:

>: i never suggested we should be removing carriage returns.
>that's one of the things that HTMLEditFormat() does though, which is why
>we're not using it.

humour me for a moment, jeff.

i use htmleditformat() all the time for almost identical purposes. right 
now i'm using it to populate a textarea on a recruitment company website. i 
just tried, and it isn't stripping carriage returns (despite what the docs 
say. this wouldn't be the first time the allaire docs are wrong). i am 
managing to freely enter carriage returns inside my textarea, and they are 
being reflected when the job vacancy is displayed on the site.

this page illustrates this in the simplest way possible:


to view the CFML source of this page, use


* carriage returns are preserved, so re-editing the code is fine
* there is zero chance of any browser rendering the tags within the 
textarea instead of displaying them as code
* anything you enter in the textarea shows up within the page (at the 
bottom, not in the textarea) just how you would want for something like 

tell me again, what's wrong with htmleditformat()?


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