[thesite] [BUG] edit comment

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 17 11:25:02 CST 2000

> From: "jeff" <jeff at lists.evolt.org>
> fwiw, those features were to have been turned off.  upon checking thesite it
> appears that *once again* the display file for articles no longer has the
> changes i made to it, including the pending article message, replacing
> <pre></pre> combinations with <textarea></textarea> combinations, and other
> changes.  it was fine until i went to bed around 3am or so pacific time.
> who's edited it since then?  you can reply to me offlist if you like.

aw geez... ok, this has happened twice, which leads me to believe 
it will happen again... i'd suggest you do some local version control 
in case this happens some more... that way you can just upload 
the latest file, without having to worry about what happened...

in the meantime, if anyone is making changes, *always* download 
the version from the test site and make changes there... but you 
should let someone know if you are going to edit it...

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