[thesite] Is the 404 bug figured out yet?

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Sun Dec 17 17:14:54 CST 2000


: From: Joshua OIson
: I installed PWS on my 98 box with CF and noticed
: that I get a client side 404 error using the same
: ssurl if I did a <cflocation> and the target of the
: relocation did *another* <cflocation>  If it's not yet
: figured out, maybe check to relocations and make
: sure you're not doubling up.

thanks for the insight.  since we're using the same sort of architecture as
the other sites we develop i can't imagine there being more than just a
single cflocation.

fwiw, i notice that if i go directly to a page that's supposed to have a
query string (ie, with the question mark) it will give me a 404 whereas if i
click a link to it i get it just fine.  very odd, but happening somewhat
predictably for me.



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