[thesite] Is the 404 bug figured out yet?

djc djc at five2one.org
Mon Dec 18 00:52:36 CST 2000

I've been bleeding my eyes all weekend over this one and my official
stance is this happens in the exact same versionf of IE on the exact same
versions of the OS between installs. i've got two machines with clean
installs on them and clean installs of the browser on them. it happens on
one, and not other..

err my offial stance is probably, "I have no fucking clue whats causing
this" :)

i'm still lookin though(thank god this caught me between jobs ;)


On Sun, 17 Dec 2000, Joshua OIson wrote:

> I installed PWS on my 98 box with CF and noticed that I get a client side
> 404 error using the same ssurl if I did a <cflocation> and the target of the
> relocation did *another* <cflocation>  If it's not yet figured out, maybe
> check to relocations and make sure you're not doubling up.
> -joshua
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