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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Sun Dec 17 17:42:23 CST 2000


: From: isaac
: btw, nice user search (jeff?). i searched for "is"
: and it returned people with "is" in their name,
: username, or email address.

yeah, that's my work.  notice that you don't get that search option unless
you're logged in.

: but is it gonna be dangerous allowing people to
: search for "a", list 100 users, and copy them into
: a db? then "b", etc? there are 1806 users returned
: by the "a" search. i assume i can change the query
: string to list all of them on one page.

that's a good question.  that's part of the reason why it's not available
until you log in.  i figured that we could probably trust our users with the

: maybe we should not show email addresses in
: that listing?

that can be done easy enough.  question is though - what do you show in the
listing?  i'm happy to change it to show other things.  number of articles
written.  average rating from all articles written.  average number of
comments per article.  total comments.  total rating.  i just need some

: are the addresses that aren't showing, not showing
: cos people haven't entered one? or just asked them
: not to be shown?

some of both i'm guessing.

: often having email showing is the only way for people
: to track you down after having read your article.

true, but if you give people the option to not show their email address,
then we have to respect that.  however, we could add a contact form to the
individual user page if the user has their email turned off.  this contact
form would use a cfmail and the users email address without exposing it to
the person contacting them.

: i think the user search is useful. but i'd prefer that it
: hid email addresses in the results listing.

i'm fine with that.  i'll give you that if you give me something to put in
it's place because even as it is now it looks kinda empty.



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