[thesite] testing

javier velasco javier at msm.cl
Tue Nov 21 11:46:50 CST 2000

hi evolted thesiters

i've been testing the test site this morning,
and so far i haven't found any major problems

i've been very surprised and pleased with al those
little details that improve functionality, i love it

(specially Dan, .jeff & Rudy for the weekend of coding)

then only things i noticed, wich you already must know are:

1. help button is linked ot the home (i suppose the help part is not

2. the whole big table looks somehow unbalanced to me (win98, nn4.75)
    too much space at the top, too much space at the left and there's
    a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of my browser, no matter how i
rezise it

i'll be in touch if i find anything else

javier velasco
web architect
MSM Interactive

http://www.msm.cl - work
http://mantruc.com - me
http://evolt.org - family

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