[thesite] quickie question about new site.

walker walker at sdproductions.com
Tue Nov 21 15:17:07 CST 2000

Time out!  I guess I missed the offer to do some CF work....

What can I do? I've got time!

just let me know...


At 03:07 PM 11/21/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Hey all -
>Just thinking here about something.
>We currently have a 'contact' link in two places on our site. One is a 
>button on top, the other is a link to an email form on the right sidebar.
>Question: Would it make more sense to leave the one at the top and get rid 
>of the one on the side?
>Reasoning: We currently don't have a link *anywhere* for a new user to 
>register, and the sidebar place that 'contact' currently occupies would be 
>a good spot for that.
>Other Reasoning: Maybe we could leave the link for 'contact' on the 
>sidebar(while also adding a register linnk there too), but change the icon 
>at the top of the page from 'contact' to something else.
>Oh, and since no one is really jumping at CF coding(which is cool) can 
>anyone volunteer HTML/CSS help? <beg>Please?</beg> ;)
>and new & improved kentucky fried old archives:

walker fenton
walker at sdproductions.com

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