[html] images and style (was: RE: [thesite] [html] dsp_header.cfm)

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Sat Nov 25 22:41:39 CST 2000

> > Not so fast buddy, styles.cfm is the cold fusion code for
> > displaying the correct style according to your preference
> this much is accurate -- assuming there is CF in that .cfm file... if

That is the case, apparently. styles.cfm is all CF code. Shoulda looked.

> > The style that is used seems to me to be in the tab_nav.css file.
> > so replace the content of tab_nav.css with the content of
> > isaac.css.
> actually, tab_nav.css went away... we decided to roll the two
> so isaac.css controls the styles for everything...

Okey doke. So isaac.css is the default style for evolt and contains all the
stuff for tab_nav. So where do we put that file? Or are all those setting
stored in a table? That would be a mighty fine thing to have finalized.
Anything we can do to help with it?

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