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Mon Apr 16 15:29:02 CDT 2001


: From: Daniel J. Cody
: The reason that might be important is because
: we don't want to be crossing mime-type's with
: extensions.

a valid concern.

: If we assign a text/xml mime-type to
: /xml/article/index.html it probably won't
: break anything, but its just ugly since
: we're already giving a mime-type of
: text/html to .html files.

that's the beauty of using <cfcontent> -- only the mime-type you specify
gets sent out to the user.

: In other words, we shouldn't be setting
: mime-types on the fly. That and its not
: an HTML file, but an XML file. Its just
: one more hack that we don't need to deal
: with IMO.

possibly.  in this case we can get away with changing the file extension.
however, there are plenty of instances where that won't be possible and
we'll have to rely on the mime-type alone.

with out setup, it really doesn't matter what extension the file is
requested with -- as evidenced by early days of t.e.o where we had an
evolt.borg file extension.  what really matters is the mime-type.

nonetheless, check this out:



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