[thesite] anyone got a minute?

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Apr 18 13:31:08 CDT 2001


What I meant was, Under Tasks, add a task of "Final Review/Approval".  This
will probably always be the person the created the job.  Final sign-off, if
ya like.  For example, the letterhead, you'll have final review/approval on
it.  :)

Workstation/Server maintenance??  Do we need/want this option?

Another one that may be good is something to signify who moves code from
test to live site.  Hmm.. what should this be called?  Site Implementation ?
again, this is the person that signs-off on the project.

Also maybe add Testing (De-bugging).

More rambling than anything else here.


| good, i see you have that letterhead slated for tomorrow ;) hopefully
| this will limit the amount of ideas and work that 'falls through the
| cracks' here and on admin

Yeah, maybe I'll even get it done a day early too.  Do I get bonus points??

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