[thesite] job coolness

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Apr 18 17:50:06 CDT 2001

McCreath_David wrote:
> Just a few stray thoughts:
> 1) Dan, is it possible to append the task to the job name in the "Browse
> Open Jobs"? So the window would show:


> 2) On the "Current Jobs" table and the "Completed Jobs" table, clicking on
> "job number" actually sorts by "client name". It looks like it's just
> passing the wrong value to the query string.

oops :)

> 3) How did Seth end up with Judith's contact info? :)

that was my fault.. i added seth incorrectly to the application(it needs
a name!!!)

> Dan, this is just kicking ass. I'm really impressed. Let us know if you need
> more hands on code clean up or something, okay?

thanks alot.. i can't tell you how much i think this will help admin and
thesite stay on task.
> Are we going to be able to invite people to sign up for work this way? Like
> send an announcement to thesite or thelist:
> "Hey, I'm working on the new project for evolt and I need some production
> help. If you're interested, head over to http://projects.evolt.org/ and sign
> up."

totally. now if someone volunteers, we can hold them to it :)
> And then they get to register? Or is it going to be more of a one on one
> invitational thing?

working on that today.. more of the 'admin' features of the thing.. up
till tonite, i've been adding everyone to the database by hand..

keep on playing around if you can.. i got busy today trying to get
oracle working here so Matt woulnd't have problems with MySQL and so we
could get test.evolt.org back ;)

thanks bunches everyone!

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