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Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Apr 26 01:58:29 CDT 2001

got back a bit ago. went to a Brewers game with my suit, was awesome! we 
just got a new stadium here and its really nice.. 4th row, locker room 
access after the game, got shitfaced with jeremey burnitz :)

anyways, oracle.

jamie said they had some bad RAM in the machine, and thats why oracle 
pucked tonite(and had pucked last week). thankfully, she had some extra 
RAM onhand(thanks to my 8 month old disaster recovery plan) and dropped 
that in the box. total downtime tonite was about 20 minutes.

so, i'd like to expand on why we're still at oracular where this shit 
happens. :)

we need *ONE* more box for evolt. nothing super hardcore. I talked to 
bob the other night about it and heres what i have and what we need, 
followed by what that will get us.

i have right now: 100Gb of 10K seagate cheetah drives. if cheetah rings 
a bell you know what i'm talking about and why we're good in the stroage 

i have right now: an 800Mhz slot 1 133Mhz bus Pentium 3 that would more 
than handle the work of w.e.o(more to come)

i have right now: 768Mb of 133Mhz bus speed RAM. that is way more than 
we need for w.e.o

i have right now: the box, the power and the bandwidth to shove it all in.

what i dont have: a slot 1 133Mhz Motherboard. these are hard to find 
and halfway expensive because Intel changed a bunch of shit right around 
700Mhz. if you know hardware you know what i'm talking about. if you 
don't it makes no sense to explain it. :) if you want me to, let me know :)

what we dont have: corprate types giving us free hardware. they *love* 
doing this for site like us, we just need to give them a reason(hence my 
insistance on the 'why youre company should give us shit' doc's.

what i dont have: a decent oracle admin. i can do server maintence, but 
good oracle skills(the one thing oracle actually has) are hard to come 
by. maybe dean could fill this roll if we ran our own shit.

why this would all be good for us: total independance. we've got this 
right now with b.e.o and l.e.o and m.e.o  since they all sit on the 
same(very nice thanks to member contributions) box. we also have two 
relay servers right now which rule. i could drop this on an internet 
connection anywhere and we'd be fine. if we could have our *own* oracle 
box and webserver, we'd be in the same awesome boat. it also makes us 
accountable for our own crashes instead of oracular using shitty RAM. 
and thats a good thing.

tagwear plays into this huge, which is why i'm happy bob is on that. 
tagwear will give us a viable stream of revenue to use for evolt purposes.

i *want* to get that shit 'that we need' right now, and i would on my 
own, but the suit is costing more than i thought. the hosting to 
oracular is starting to add up to. the cost for bandwidth(which i get at 
a very discounted rate, but costs money all the same) for [l,b,m].e.o is 
about 250 a month. all in all, i'm dropping about 500 a month on evolt 
stuff.. and not that i'm bitching or anything :) i would just like to 
get some mechanisms in gear(tagwear!) that could offset some of these 
costs for us and pay for improvments.

again, i'm not bitching and i dont want pats on the back(although beer 
or bombay would be nice :) or anything..

so thats what happened and where things stand.. i've probably written a 
much longer email than i should have, but wtf ya know :)


Daniel J. Cody wrote:

> ok, its back and everything is as it should be..
> i'll find out reasons why later.. for now I'm reeeeeeeeeeally late and
> paying for it :(

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