[thesite] thoughts on Most Commented On Articles boxen

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Thu Apr 26 00:08:38 CDT 2001


What is the current query for grabbing the Most Commented On Articles? Is it
just grabbing the articles with the highest count of comments? If so, we
might want to think about altering that slightly.

The original purpose was to direct users to discussion-inspiring articles,
no? Well, what if the last comment was back in 1999?  Plus, if you look at
that box regularly, there just ain't much circulation at all. It's like a
one-time use camera or something (that's definitely a 1am metaphor).

So, what if we limited it to articles commented on in the last 30 days? I've
NEVER been good at SQL with aggregate functions in them (do I smell a rudy
response here?), but, I would assume that the sql would have to change like:

... WHERE Max(comment.CreateDate) >= DateAdd(SYSDATE(), day, -30) ...

or whatever the syntax is for Oracle's date addition function.



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