[thesite] codefest

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Aug 7 14:38:16 CDT 2001

yup. the bonus this year is i dont live 1.5 hours from the airport/train 
station. milwaukee(where i'm at now) is 1 hour north of chicago(cheap 
flights) and we have an amtrak station if the leisurely route is more 
your game.

all are invited, i'll probably just get rooms for everyone. laptops are 
recommened but not required in case you like your own software configs.

cold fusion also isnt'a requirment, in fact our biggest problem last 
year was lack of jeff, rudy or I knowing enough HTML/CSS

we'd actually do the work here at the office though cus theres plenty of 
room for people, its on the same network as evolt, and we have a decent 
sized fridge for beer. :)

Scott Dexter wrote:
> at your place?
> I'd be in, though I fear I'd be there just for comic relief....
> sgd
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>>From: Daniel J. Cody [mailto:djc at starkmedia.com]
>>just thinking about the next codefest and october 26th seemed like a 
>>nice time to have it :)
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