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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 11 09:45:48 CDT 2001

> From: "Warden, Matt" <mwarden at mattwarden.com>
> On Aug 11, Filip Salomonsson had something to say about [thesite]
> cubic
> >
> >http://members.evolt.org/filip/evolt/cubes/
> I like how you have the current cubes (the colors) in the front. Very
> nice. Though this would be broken if we added more than 12 steps.

let's not add more than 12... keep in mind, too much granularity 
can reduce their effectiveness... 12 cubes is a high enough number 
already... let's try to keep it to numbers that people can tell without 
having to manually count, while still representing the proper amount 
of ranks...

> Would it be better to not have such a "rounded" look on the cubes?
> Might look a bit less playful (though playful isn't bad). This is what
> I'm talking about:
> http://mattwarden.com/d3z1gn3rz.gif
> All I did was define the corners more.

i like the rounded cubes, but i could go either way...
> Thanks Filip. You rock!


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