[thesite] cubic

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Aug 13 11:25:14 CDT 2001

for now i think using seperate ratings is the best way to go. once we 
get to the point where we *do* have enough 'things' to rate, it may be a 
good idea to start formulating some sort of algorithm to take them into 



Filip Salomonsson wrote:

> Do you mean as separate ratings (cubes, a number and a little sex icon), or
> calculating an overall rating taking all of those things into account (just
> cubes)? The latter would be an interesting approach - recognizing quality as
> well as quantity, as long as the "algorithm" is made as complete as possible
> from the very start. I don't think people would like having their rating
> drop a step or two because om some change in the way it's calculated.
> Sounds to me like a better approach than just counting the articles written.
> Any other thoughts on this?

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