[thesite] Cubes FAQ - Please Review

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Aug 15 09:45:16 CDT 2001

>> I think the breakdown may be almost too verbose in its
>> current form. "Five solid cubes and one wire-framed
>> cube indicates that this author has written" seems a bit
>> tautological
>Modified .. thanks for the feedback Filip.

well, i wouldn't say tautological, merely excessive

the revision is an improvement, michele, but i would like to suggest a
further refinement

you have

rating1  Indicates that this member has not written any articles yet
rating2  Indicates that this author has written between 1 and 5 articles
rating3  Indicates that this author has written between 6 and 10 articles

which makes the eye travel too far to match the image to the numbers
(tufte might go "tsk tsk")

perhaps you could simplify this with a TH row

    image    number of articles

and then just put the numbers beside the images

   rating1   none yet
   rating2   1 - 5
   rating3   6 - 10

and could you use align="right" in the TD's with the images?




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