[thesite] Usability / Architecture Center

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Jan 3 11:59:08 CST 2001

> i don't see a reason, at least, to have
> primary vs. secondary as opposed to multiple...

it's more a question of practicality in dealing with the 1-m legacy

if we were to stop using the foreign key in the article record (the "main"
category), this would immediately break all our pages (i.e. the queries),
unless we simultaneously switched them over to utilize the m-m
relationship, which would mean we would also have to populate those records

it could be done, but very painfully

on the other hand, keeping a "main" category and allowing secondary
categories simply means tweaking the queries to also look for the m-m
records... if that makes sense... also there's no need to do any re- or
de-population of records...

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