Butting in (Was: Re: [thesite] alternate color schemes)

dave mclean dave at members.evolt.org
Mon Jan 22 02:03:31 CST 2001

On 1/21/01 10:55 PM, Hugh Blair at hblair at bigfoot.com wrote:

> I know this is butting in, me not being an 'insider' of evolt, but I've been
> following this thread with interest.  So here I go throwing in my HK$0.02 ---

I know I don't usually say much on this list, mostly just listen (read). I
just wanted to say how well thought-out your post was Hugh.  Good job,
thanks for keeping our code jockeys on their toes.

Like rudy said, we need the non-insiders to speak up more often in order to
get a better feel for what people want.

Thanks again,

Dave McLean
dave at members.evolt.org

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