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McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Mon Jan 22 17:25:31 CST 2001

>i'd rather have more reds, so (b)... regardless of the pinkness...

After I created that one yesterday, I wasn't crazy about it, but after
sleeping on it, I agree. It also addresses the contrast issue that Martin
and Amanda mentioned. I like it better than the all-gray version. Is the
gray background okay with you? I think I *would* like to keep that.

>> RE: Heaven and Hell --
>> aardvark, it seems like there were some problems with getting the
>> images to show up on the test site for those two styles. Am I remembering
>> that correctly? If so, did you figure out what it was?
>nope, worked wonderfully in Opera, though... dunno what's 
>different, either...


>works great here, though... http://roselli.org/new_evolt/layout/
>don't remember the URL i posted to on test.evolt.org, though... 
>might have just been a bad URL in the CSS...

ah. Well, some more experimentation then. Cool. Thanks


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