[thesite] new l.e.o look..

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Jan 30 14:03:31 CST 2001

hey, if anyone has some time, can you please check out

click on tip harvester > then choose the first one that comes up(i 
haven't stripped the hardcoded formatting of any of the others yet..)

its wrapped with a <pre> tag, i dunno if htats the best or not.

also added some breadcrumbs for the harvester(and will for hte archive 
when I do that), but just wanted to make sure that looked ok with david, 
aard, jeff, et al..

jeff, i am writing it with the <cfexpression> and <cfinclude> deal thing 
that we started with w.e.o so we can port it over to another scheme when 
we're ready..

of course, the way shit is now - all the <tips> on one page - will be 
different once we're pulling out of the DB instead of flat files.. but 
thats another issue :)



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