[thesite] evolt map

mantruc javier at msm.cl
Fri Jul 13 09:45:54 CDT 2001


there has been interest in resurrecting the project of the evolt map

years ago, i was learning flash and made a flash map that showed
in first instance a worldmap, and one could click in each continent
to zoom it in and show the evolt memebers at each location, with some
of their personal info


but that was done manually and it would be senseless to try to put
all of the current evolt members on such kind of map

i know Dean has worked on some dynamic maps which are flat (not
but it can recieve input to generate new dots, but i haven't seen them
i think this is the away to go this time 

we've also discussed on how to solve the problem for placing more than 
one member in the same location, i think this can be solved through some 
kind of color scale

i'd love to see this project finally see the light, and finally see the 
actual location of our grown up community, i'm not into any kind of 
programming, so what i can offer is to prepare the base worldmap
and do some planning on the interface and design the input form
do texts, design the color scale for multi user dots,etc
i just can't help building an app

so just raise your hand if you want to work on this


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