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Joxn joxn at vernum.com
Sat Jul 14 10:31:09 CDT 2001

mantruc wrote:

> years ago, i was learning flash and made a flash map that showed
> in first instance a worldmap, and one could click in each continent
> to zoom it in and show the evolt memebers at each location, with some
> of their personal info
> http://members.evolt.org/mantruc/map/map2.html

Cool, looks great.

> i know Dean has worked on some dynamic maps which are flat (not
> zoomable)
> but it can recieve input to generate new dots, but i haven't seen them
> i think this is the away to go this time 

> we've also discussed on how to solve the problem for placing more than 
> one member in the same location, i think this can be solved through some 
> kind of color scale

+1, though the evolt cubes look really cool, too.

> i'd love to see this project finally see the light, and finally see the 
> actual location of our grown up community, i'm not into any kind of 
> programming, so what i can offer is to prepare the base worldmap
> and do some planning on the interface and design the input form
> do texts, design the color scale for multi user dots,etc
> i just can't help building an app

I don't know Flash on the other hand. I oould figure out how to create a 
DB driven image via PHP, but zooming wouldn't be possible.

Again, I really like the general look of the map.
I only heard rumours that you can connect Flash5 (4, too?) with a DB. 
Does anyone know for sure?

bye Joxn
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