WAIT! Re: [thesite] feo update

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 24 22:15:53 CDT 2001


what happened to the dividing lines? that made the blue and orange split
more obvious.

of the two, this is better:


but it REALLY needs the dividing lines.

(see the dividing lines here:

i would prefer that FEO not be styled by users. that would mean having to
provide versions of images aliased against differently coloured backgrounds.
bleargh. FEO is *meant* to look different. keep the black tab, but under
that, you can style away (we're aiming for valid code obviously). any
complaints with that from anyone?

also, i want the "food for hungry minds" to look perfect, so make that a GIF
(spacing is critical). it'll be big enough for ALT text to show nicely
anyway. ditto with RECIPES and CHEFS if possible. my PSD also should've had
2-3 thingies to sit at the top of the sidebar - knife, fork, and whatever
the other thing was. chopsticks would be cool.

sidebar styling also needs to be modified colour-wise (black titles)
specifically. i would also prefer no bullet points for the links below each

we also need a third (and perhaps) fourth frontdoor styling for other
sections. alcoholic drinks will probably change to drinks (matt?), and
something like "starters" will be intro'ed to include salads, soups, etc.

garrett, i've sent you the rating icon (a cleaver) offlist).


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