WAIT! Re: [thesite] feo update

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Wed Jul 25 07:58:56 CDT 2001

On Jul 25, isaac had something to say about RE: WAIT! Re: [thesite] feo update

>2-3 thingies to sit at the top of the sidebar - knife, fork, and whatever
>the other thing was. chopsticks would be cool.

That was dropped from the design. That's quite a departure from the
architecture of the other evolt sites and personally I wasn't going to
push garrett to try to figure that one out. Once he's done with the
design, though, I'll be happy to drop you FTP details to add this
yourself, if you'd like.

>sidebar styling also needs to be modified colour-wise (black titles)
>specifically. i would also prefer no bullet points for the links below each
>we also need a third (and perhaps) fourth frontdoor styling for other

Who? Ok, are those rows alternating colors/colours or does each one have
its own color/colour?

And if you are assigning each row a different colo(u)r, are you going to
want to continue that in the category browsing section and articles for
that section or just drop it after the first page. I still don't see the
reason for this coloring. The dividers were fine.

>alcoholic drinks will probably change to drinks (matt?), and

Yup. See food.evolt.org for the current categories.

>something like "starters" will be intro'ed to include salads, soups, etc.

I don't have this category in there yet. I'll add this when I get a chance
(and figure out the new hoops I have to jump through to ssh into oracle
=P )

garrett, just let me know when this is finalized. images and stylings of
other sections don't affect me much at all, so leave these for last and
let me know when you have all but these completed. it looks like there are
only one or two small things that need changed (dividers, sidebar colors,
bullets, graphics for those few words).

tha's all.



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