[thesite] Tips Database

Dean Mah dsmah at home.com
Wed Jul 25 15:48:05 CDT 2001

Seth Bienek writes:

> > If we were able to treat the tips are articles, we could: search,
> > print, rate, comment on, etc. with minimal changes.
> Say, that's pretty cool..  We can still search and print fairly
> easy.. It would be cool to be able to rate the tips..

It would also be useful to comment on tips or be able to update them
when new or contradictory information was discovered.

> But the messages and tips database have proprietary field names..
> Isn't that a significant barrier to keeping the data in the content
> table?

Ahhh, that's originally what I thought the second process had
resolved.  I thought that the first part was to get only the tips in
and then the second part was to load the tips into the CONTENT table.
Apparently not though.

I am not qualified to say how much work it would be to convert the
existing CF code to handle the tips in the CONTENT table or how much
work it is to get them in there using your code.  If the cost is high,
I would see it as the only negative.


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