[thesite] RDF/RSS again

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Mar 14 06:57:57 CST 2001

John Handelaar wrote:

> The reasons I'm suggesting an RSS feed in particular are:
> 1       It works with NS6 sidebars
> 2       It works with Weblog apps including Slash, Geeklog,
>         PHPwebsite, PHPnuke (ugh), and (cough) Userland

cool.. those sound like good reasons 100%

> Jeff's file certainly is XML (with ?CF syntax throughout)
> but it won't do either of these very-useful-for-promoting-evolt
> things.  Well, not without an external server and a DTD,
> anyway.

ok even though http://evolt.org/evolt/xml/rdf.rdf says, rdf.rdf isn't
that an RSS file? from what i read, that file should validate as an rss
file, correct? Maybe if you could show an example of what we need, i or
jeff can code it

> (Suddenly beginning to feel like a PITA)

seriously, dont worry about it.. its helpful when people actually tell
us what they want rather than just expecting us to do it :)


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