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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu May 17 13:13:40 CDT 2001


Between what you have and what Erik has, perhaps we'll be able to coordinate
the two efforts to get what it is we need/want for the members info pages.
I don't think we really want a resume builder application per se.  Not like
what you see on typical resume sites.  But, it's all still in the definition

Do you have any database schemes we can look at?  Actually, for Rudy and
Erik to look at and compare the existing members schema and then we can
decide what additional fields/information we need to add.

I'll let Rudy pipe up here and explain the evolt database.


(P.S.  Joshua, can I bug ya with a few absolutely very basic CF questions

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From: "Joshua OIson" <joshua at alphashop.net>

| Michelle,
| It sounds like we are talking about a resume builder, to a certain degree?
| And, at that, it sounds like you want to mimic monster.com and their
| functionality?  Am I understanding correctly?  I've done some work with
| resume builders in CF, so we may be able to use a little of that in the
| process.
| Basically, resumes have a *lot* in information.  Some of the info is
| repeatable any number of times (experience items) etc.  So, I've got some
| proven techniques to simplify the db structure if we want to go the
| full-blown resume builder route.

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