intro (was [thesite] Abbreviations and Welcome to the New Folks on Here)

Colette Brown colette at
Thu May 17 14:02:11 CDT 2001

Thursday, May 17, 2001, 1:00:56 PM, michele at wrote:

> Anyone bored, looking for something to do, introduce
> yourself, let us know your interests, skills, what you would *like* to do, I
> guarantee there's at least one task that needs completing.

Hi, I would like to help out, but I'm not sure I can do that much.  I
don't know ColdFusion yet. (I've seen CF code, but I've never had to
work with it.) For my day job, I do ASP code using VBScript, and I
work with MS Access and SQL Server.  I'm
learning about PHP and MySQL on my own.

If possible, I'd like to help out with the job/task tracking project
or the members directory.  Most of my experience has been coding parts
of admin tools for different sites, and I would like to learn how to
make things from scratch.  I'm definitely not picky though.  I
suppose working on any of the projects would be a good chance to learn

Anyway, feel free to contact me.  Nice meeting everyone.

Colette Brown

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