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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue May 22 22:19:38 CDT 2001

Hey Rudy ....

You want to be brought up to full speed on this project and lend assistance
from a DB perspective?  We'll gladly use your expertise.   I did say it was
a first of the output of this one page only.

It *is* fully intended to be an extension of the members pages .. but its
main focus will be as a networking tool.  Whereby users can find other
members with specific skill sets.

Joshua and Erik can explain much better than I, but they've been discussing
different ideas for creating a hierarchy <sp?> for the skills sets.   Plus,
we'll want/need search functionality that will allow a user to find
something with specific skills sets.  Then there's the need for the projects
and urls samples to also be stored.

Erik did the sample page .. I think Elfur's going to provide some assistance
wrt HTML/CSS, etc.

There won't be a separate database, we have every intention of using the
tables you sent, and linking all the information into the existing
structure.  At this point, we are just fleshing out ideas for what else we
want n.e.o. to do and how.

I'm going to forward to you offlist the emails that specifically relate to
what we've been discussing, wrt to pulling it all together.   Like I said
before, you assistance will be greatly appreciated.  We just want n.e.o. to
be bigger and more of a Networking tool, than just simple members pages.
Facilitating members to network together would really help bring Evolt as a
community closer together.   The members pages can, should and will still
exist .. underneath weo.

Hope this clears it up .. sending you the "technical" emails, which I'm sure
you'll understand better than I did <G>


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From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>

| > You'll see it goes over and above the outline for the
| > members pages.  This is intended to be a
| > separate application (n.e.o.).
| >
| > http://members.evolt.org/gozz/evolt/member_01_5_22.html
| how is it "over and above"?
| i don't see anything that doesn't fit into the design of the member
| this is exactly what we imagined the member pages to look like
| okay, maybe we have to make the Remarks a bit larger than varchar(255)
| and maybe add a classification system so that various attributes can be
| grouped together (let me think about it, though)
| does "a separate application" imply a separate database?
| if so, y'all are passing up a good opportunity to take advantage of
| integration with the main set of users
| it would be a real shame, and i'm not just saying that as the guy who
| designed the member records
| standalone apps are always a problem
| please, consider utilizing the existing database design
| by the way, that page looks gorgeous -- who did it?  it's beautiful

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