[thesite] n.e.o. - Networking Application

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue May 22 22:47:13 CDT 2001

> It *is* fully intended to be an extension of the members pages


well, that's great then

i guess i got all worked up for nothing


it's way too late to argue semantics, but if you four get this app up and
running, it will *be* the member pages -- de facto

i don't really mind you calling it a networking app, but that's a
process-oriented name, and i always go for the content-oriented name, i.e.
what's in it rather than what's it used for

too many years of data modelling, i guess

(and totally off the subject, but who says all the good domain names are
gone?  as a data modeller i've always thought onetomany.org would be
nice...  as a drinker, i am sorely tempted to snag onetoomany.com...)

so what's in the networking app will be evolt members and their data?  and
you'll build this on the member records in the w.e.o database?  woohoo!
call me if you need any database help

oh, and build it first in t.e.o, right?


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