[thesite] themes

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Tue May 29 21:19:06 CDT 2001

Looking at these all, I just noticed the outline around the "Remember 
Me" checkbox. It looks like the background CSS for input is creating an 
outline for the checkbox.

Is this only on OS-X? I'm using IE 5.1.

I'll shoot a screen cap if anyone wants it.

I don't know if there's anything to do about it, or if it's a bug.  It 
shows up most on rockyhorror.

Nice colors though....



On Tuesday, May 29, 2001, at 09:45 PM, Elfur Logadottir wrote:

> so you haven't seen my pink one :)
> http://members.evolt.org/elfur/evolt/themes/

bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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