[thesite] UEUE v.0.2 Update

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Nov 5 11:49:25 CST 2001

sorry, should have written, "unified logins and sessions are a big 
problem for evolt"

to answer your question though, that would require giving every *.e.o 
site access to the live DB and user info, which is what we're trying to 
move away from. in the perfect world, we'd like to give approved sites 
that 'we' may not have control over(like deo) indirect access to our 
user base without giving them direct access to our actual live database.


.jeff wrote:

> if unified login is all this is for (not unified session state), then i've
> got a question for you.  why don't we simply query the users table based on
> the user's persistent login cookie?  that would sure save all the hassles of
> the various browser bugs regarding redirects, users that disable cookies,
> building something complex and complicated like ueue, etc.

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