WHOA .. slow down - content class ..... :( was Re: [thesite] test.evolt.org change fyi

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Nov 16 14:08:59 CST 2001

.jeff wrote:

>>Reign in it please .. focus, concentrate.
> trust that we are.

category editing capability
performance related fixes(the 'if anyones bored' thread)
voting application into CMS
combing code to find inefficiencies(blockfactor thread)
subsite authentication(UEUE)
stylesheets - whats good/bad right/wrong
user selectable stylesheets(100% working ?)
editing member attributes(big)
image upload feature

those are just things i pulled off the top of my head fromn the last month.. a 

number of things are being dropped when a new topic comes up lately. 
from my perspective, which is a bit distanced lately..

>>Right now t.e.o. is a jumbled mess .. how the heck are
>>we going to roll all the bug fixes and approved changes
>>to w.e.o.
> how is it done now?  dan?  do we just roll the entire codebase from t.e.o.
> up or just select templates?

all at once

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