[thesite] [t.e.o.] Membership Bugs/Fixes

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sat Nov 17 12:25:19 CST 2001

Dan, Jeff ..

There's still a few problems with the style sheet selection ... yet not easy
to duplicate, as the second log in seems to work fine.

I'm using a regular member id, not my admin one.  Sorry Matt, I used
juser/juser .. I forgot mine. :(

Anyway, first things first .. click on Create Membership link on the

The first part is "ok" .. yet if I ever wanted to change it, I've no clue
how I would get back to that .. sure, my name probably won't change .. but
my email might.  :)

Second part .... Options

  Please choose who'd you like to allow to view your member profile(0 is
anonymous, 1 is registered evolt users, 2 is registered evolt members, 3 is
evolt admin members, 4 is evolt gods)
 Registered Users
 Registered Members
 evolt admins
 evolt gods


This isn't required here ... I would suggest just deleting it (or commenting
it out) for now.  Each attribute for the members' page can have a unique
Priv Level assigned to it.  If you (I dunno who *you* is in this case ;) )
really want to keep the above .. it needs to be reworded, grammatically
correct, context added .. and I object to the option of "evolt gods" being
an option.  I can't think of any case where there needs to be a distinction
made between Admin/God privs for user information... just as confusion IMHO.

Anyway, on to the next page .. after one clicks "create" on the page above.

The stylesheet changer ... this is what needs more testing .. first log in,
when I selected "save" it didn't, changed everything to white, i.e. no
stylesheet at all.  Logged out, went back in and selected a stylesheet
again, and then it saved.  As I said above, not real easy to debug without
creating additional junk accounts.  btw, in case it mattes, the above was
done without having selected "remember me".

Maybe there's a conflict going from Page 1 to Page 2 of create membership?

Anyway, just a few things to sort out with this before we roll teo to weo.

Thanks guys,


(p.s. if someone's so inclined to find out what joethetester's password is,
that would be helpful. I can't email it to myself .. old ISP's email on that

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