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There is a mail message on the evolt site-
From: ppk
Date: 01-Apr-02 06:23 AM CST
Answer at: http://admin.evolt.org/email/index.cfm?action=detail&cid=23336

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Small comment on the article generation module:

I just submitted an article in which I had defined one PRE tag with a TITLE
attribute. In converting this PRE to a TEXTAREA something must have gone
wrong, because everything below the PRE was in a monospaced font and didn't
look like the stuff above the PRE.

I removed the TITLE for now (it wasn't very important) but I thought you
might like to know about this minor bug.


Would someone please answer it?  Thank you sexily.

sure, it can scale up if need be,
but it needs to suck ass first

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