[thesite] March stats for evolt.org

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed Apr 3 14:00:01 CST 2002

Ciao evoltistas!

Every month I share with you the traffic reports for the evolt.org
sites, and every month we inch a bit higher, and every month thats a
good thing. *yawn*. This month I'm here to tell ya that we completely
blew every previous record for usage out of the water :)
In March, we also had more articles written for the evolt.org website
than any previous month, and it shows in this months stats..

Hits: 2.4 million (beat previous record by 400k)
Page views: 824,000 (bested old record by 200k)
Page views per day: 26,500
Unique hosts: 131,500 (new record by 20k)
Data transferred: 99.4 Gb ****** thats *Three gigabytes a day*!! and
smokes the old record of 79Gb that we set just a month ago.

Down & Dirty:
Top 5 referers:
1. Google based search engines(google.com, google.yahoo,
google.ca/it/de/fr/uk) - ~190,000
2. altavista.com - 4390 (top search term, "browsers")
3. dynamicdrive.com - 2785 (pointer to browser archive)
4. frontier.userland.com/xmlAggregator - 2140 (people browsing our RDF
5. slashdot.org - 2030 (my apache articles still..)
Honorable mention: http://www.developers.net - 950 referers from their
newletter to BradM's "How to reply to job postings' article.. Nice work

Browsers & OS stats:
MSIE based browsers pulled down 73.2% of pages this month, followed by
NS with 9.94%, Spiders/Robots with 9.69%, and Opera pulling in a very
respectable 3.18%

Windows based operating systems account for 77.25% of requests in March,
about 4.25% appearing to be winxp based, Mac based systems accounted for
5.7%, and Unix based OS's responsible for 3.75% of total requests. Our
friend using an Atari based system is still faithfull to evolt.org with
17 requests in March, and is joined in the "I use an obscure OS"
department by someone using OSF1(!) to hit the evolt sites to the tune
of 63 requests.

The five most popular articles on the www.evolt.org site this month were:
1. The Wrong Way to Use CSS in Page Layouts (aardvark)
2. Your clients need a Content Management System (martinb)
3. Tables or CSS: Choosing a layout (csaila)
4. Creating a Login Script with PHP 4 (jesteruk)
5. Stopping Spambots II - The Admin Strikes Back (djc)

Top 5 members.evolt.org accounts for the month: marceloslg, djc (weee!),
rglastra, deadL0ck, and kroet.

Every month, I pick out one members.evolt.org account that i think is
doing something cool,
interesting, or wierd.

This month's feature members.evolt.org account is meo/shaggy
( http://members.evolt.org/shaggy ) aka. Martin Tsachev of Bulgaria.
Lots of good articles on a variety of subjects ranging from php/mysql to
javascript functions to unix shell scripts. Almost all of the articles
and examples are downloadable and nicely explained. A really nice
example of a clean, good looking, informative members.evolt.org site..
Nice work Martin!
And of course, thanks to last months featured m.e.o account Ben Dyer
( http://members.evolt.org/OKolzig37/ ), weee! ;)

Chances are if you're reading this far down, you obviously care about
evolt, and everything that it provides. If you're interested in getting
more information on how you can help out with the financial aspects of
keeping evolt running(100Gb/month isn't cheap :), visit
http://members.evolt.org/contribute/ .  You're find the how, what, and
why you should consider a donation to evolt.org - regardless of what or
how much you choose to contribute to evolt.org, it is sincerely

You can view the whole burrito for yourself, as usual, at
http://browsers.evolt.org/stats/stats.mar2002.html - Thanks to everyone
who helped make this a record setting month both in terms of usage and
community participation!

  Alla salute! Cin cin! :)


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