[thesite] RE: [***forum] Re: VotingReqs

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Sun Feb 3 20:57:01 CST 2002

> the permissions aren't describing the poll/question, they're describing
> the votes themselves. if we renamed the vote table to "results", do you
> see now? the individual votes are just non-aggregated results.
> normally, i dont like to put fields that describe Table A's data into
> Table B.
> we're trying to restrict viewing of the VOTES, not the poll/question.
> make sense, or am i still talking rubbish? or both...


The question itself is the parent. Why individually set the priv on every
single little vote when you can just set it at the parent?

Surely the priv value for each vote is going to have to come from somewhere
when each person is voting, right? It's not their priv level, but the priv
level of the parent question, right?

I do understand that we're trying to restrict viewing of the votes, but the
votes will be deriving their priv from the question itself, and I fail to
see the sense in replicating the value in two places (unless it's quicker
for SELECT, and worth the sacrifice on the INSERT).


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