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Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Tue Feb 5 13:40:01 CST 2002

On Feb 5, Michele Foster had something to say about Re: [thesite] The...

>| i think it's possible only through a hack: cf creating a POST to the
>| submission page with the new submission command (emulating someone
>| submitting the form on the leo submission page)
>Ok .. I wasn't sure if it was possible to send POST commands to two lists
>yet using one submit button.  I'll leave that to the experts to sort out :)

it's not posible. ya gotta use a <cfhttp> call, i think (meaning, the
requesting client is actually the cf script, not the browser)

>Yes .. I chose my words poorly.
>and why should this be duplicated on a
>| place other than the account page? i think the checkbox onthe account page
>| will be enough.
>Well, I was under the impression one of the main goals of this new list was
>to notify people when new articles are posted .. not just those individuals
>already subbed to thelist, and/or not those that already have a userid on
>weo (or those that create a new one).  IOW, target those users of our site
>who have not joined anything yet, but would be interested in knowing when
>new articles are posted.

er... well, the thing is, for thsoe who haven't signed up for a userid,
they'll have to sign up for this list, right? the list signup will require
an email address, at minimum. an evolt account requires an email address,
a first name, a username, and password. i dont' think it's too much to ask
for those extra fields and make this list full of people who can
participate in our community when/if they ever decide to. plus, it makes
it a lot easier to add the feature.

>If we hide this option away on the register and/or
>leo pages, then we aren't targetting those who this list is really for...
>our non-subbed visitors.

well, if you want to put the link somewhere else, i dont have a problem
with that. just make the link point to the account page.


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