[thesite] proposed CSS addition

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 15 22:16:01 CST 2002

table.data		{	border-top : 1px solid #000000 ;
				border-left : 1px solid #000000 ; }
table.data > tr >th	{	border-right : 1px solid #000000 ;
				border-bottom : 1px solid #000000 ; }
table.data > tr > td	{	border-right : 1px solid #000000 ;
				border-bottom : 1px solid #000000 ; }

ideally, what this should do is allow people to class a <table> as
"data," which then causes it to get a nice grid border...

while i abhor the idea of classing any elements within an article, it's
better than the alternative, which would be applying it to all tables,
which would hose the site...  or the alternative alternative (like the
other other white meat) could be just to pretend i never mentioned

anyway, the '> tr > td' is *supposed* to ensure that only a table
with a class of "data" has the style assigned to it, and then it also
applies to only any <td>s that follow <tr>s that sit undernear the
table with the class of "data"

making sense?

anyway, demo at:

looks great in Opera 6, not perfect in IE5.5 or N6.2...

(btw, this article is *not* approved yet, and needs revision before
that happens... please do *not* consider the content of the article
when considering the CSS)

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